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 Rent payment protection   

Rent payment guarantee

 With our exclusive Rent payment guarantee we will provide you with up to $3000 in lost rent payments in the case of a Tenant lease payment default.

Protect your investment with our Lease payment guarantee, if the Tenant does not pay, WE DO!

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Rent payment guarantee
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Protect your investment with up to $3000 in guaranteed rent payments. 

Simple as 1,2,3

1) Register as a Property owner/ Manager. (*One time fee of $199)

2) Complete Tenant application/ receive approval. (*Fee of $19 per applicant)

3) Register your new Tenant. (*fee of $299 for a 12 month lease)

How it works;

1) Notify us if the Tenant becomes 5 days delinquent.

2) We will contact the Tenant to with rent assistance offers.

3) If the Tenant becomes 15 days delinquent, file for a court judgment/ eviction.

4) When a judgment is awarded, simply assign the rights to collect to our company.

5) We will issue payment to you within 10 days of receipt, for up to $3000 or the value of the judgment whichever is less.

Yes it's that simple!

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