how it works

Step Two;

Submit Tenant application-

One time fee of $19 (per applicant on lease)

Step one;

Register as a Property owner/ Manager-

One time fee of $199 

Step Three;

Select program & Register Tenant-

Rent guarantee program- $299

Deposit LOCK (security deposit program)- $299

Rent plus Deposit LOCK- $499

What if my tenant does not pay?

Step one;

Notify us if Tenant becomes 5 days late-

Contract terms require notification no later than 10 days late

Step two;

File for judgment/ eviction. 

If Tenant has not paid within 15 days, 

Step three;

Receive judgment against Tenant. 

Step four;

Assign the rights to collect on judgment to our company.

Step five;

Receive up to $3000.00,

or the amount of judgment whichever is less.

Yes, its' that simple!

Ready to get started?